Guided Arizona Backpacking Tours

Envision stepping into another world – one inhabited by strange creatures and weird plants.  One where views are miles wide and the sun is almost always shining.  Now, imagine being part of that extraordinary countryside long enough to feel the rhythms of nature and get a feeling for how the original inhabitants thrived.

The Sonoran Desert has over 60 mammals, 350 types of birds, over 100 reptiles and over 20 fish that are native to its confines.  There are over 2000 species of plants that have been identified within its range.  And of the over 3400 species native to the Sonoran Desert over 550 of them are edible.  

Within this desert are ranges lovingly known as “sky islands” – so named because these peaks rise above the desert floor like an island, jutting into the sky.  These mountains, often thousands of feet higher than the surrounding desert, have been inhabited for thousands of years, most recently by our native populations, settlers, miners and outlaws.

Let us show you our favorite spots.

Grand Canyon

Bright Angel to Indian Gardens - A 3-day guided backpacking trip down the famous Bright Angel Trail to the ages-old campgroung of Indian Gardens.  Inludes a layover day which is perfect for exploring and day hikes.

Classic River Loop - A 3-day guided backpacking trip down the South Kaibab trail, crossing the river into the idyllic Bright Angel Campground. The next day will find you at Indian Gardens, and then out on day three.

Grandview Trail to Horseshoe Mesa - A 3-day guided backpacking trip down the scenic and challenging Grandview Trail, a historic native American trail, to Horseshoe Mesa.  Day two provides ample time for exploring, leaving you refreshed for the hike out on day three.

Hermit Trail to the River - A 3-day guided backpacking trip down a less popular trail into a more remote section of the canyon to your campground, Hermit Creek.  Day two will find you along the Colorado River where you can watch river rafters navigate one of the larger rapids of the river.

South Kaibab Trail to Grandview - A 5-day guided backpacking trip along a classic route, down the famous South Kaibab trail to the Tonto Plateau and across to the Grandview Trail, up past Horseshoe Mesa.  Along the way some of the most dramatic views of the canyon will be at your feet.

Aravaipa Canyon

Aravaipa Canyon - A 3-day guided backpacking trip that explores a lush, shady canyon with a wide and meandering stream under towering cliff walls. The biodiversity of this canyon is first rate.

Superstition Mountains

Reavis Ranch - A 3-day guided backpacking trip that explores the stomping grounds of an ancient native American tribe and "The Gardner of the Superstitions".

Miner's Passage - A 5-day backpacking trek across the Superstitions along routes made famous through legend.


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Backpacking is a very challenging endeavor and each route will require a certain level of fitness, capability and in some cases, experience.  Our goal is to ensure that you do not get in over your head to the extent it requires an evacuation.  Our staff is eager to work with you to put together the adventure that's best for you and your group.





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