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OK – you've just seen Wild or A Walk in the Woods and you want to give backpacking a try. But where do you start? Sure, you could try a social group but how can you tell if the person who's teaching you knows what they're doing?  

Our classes and workshops will help you develop the skills to safely plan a route, select the right gear & meal plan, and come out with memories of a lifetime. Our goal is to help you stay safe! You might be thinking "what's so difficult; you stuff a pack with the gear the guy at REI suggested, pick a trail and have fun!" Our response would be "say hello to body aches and the Search and Rescue guys for us".

You'll learn what gear is important and which magic gadgets you should leave at home; which gear you really SHOULD have and how to pack it. We'll not only teach you the basics, but on your training trips you'll also see secrets of the pros.


  • Introduction to Backpacking - Everything you needed to know to get into the sport of backpacking.
  • Kitchens, Cuisine & Food Planning - One of the great pleasures, and dietary necessities, is good backcountry nutrition.  We'll teach you how to eat well and eat right.
  • Route Planning & Backcountry Navigation - Some trails are easy to find, while other routes require extensive knowledge of map & compass and GPS.
  • Medical Certifications (WFA/WFR) - We highly suggest taking a wilderness medical course.  You won't believe how lucky you've been so far once you do take these classes.


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  • Guided vs. DIY Adventures




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