Basic Survival & Primitive Skills

Sometimes things go wrong.  When they do, it's far better to be prepared.  What happens if you're driving along a remote backcountry road and your car experiences problems?  Or, maybe you're backpacking with some friends and someone sprains an ankle badly and can't move?  Worse yet, what if you're on a day-hike and you get lost?  All of these scenarios have happened, and more than once.  Having the right skills and being prepared are your only choice.

So, with that said - what is the difference between "Survival" and "Primitive" skills?  Well, survival skills come into play when you have some seriously unfortunate circumstances come your way.  These include finding or building a shelter, locating & purifying water, building a fire, and signaling for help.  There are other skills you'll want to learn, but these are the biggies.

Primitive skills are the techniques that people used back before we had modern tools.  In fact, MAKING tools is a primitive skill.  So is making fire with friction, basket & pottery making, ancient weapons, and knowing the edible species in an environment.  Sure, you could use these techniques to survive, but just learning how our ancestors dealt with these problems is amazing.

Survival Courses

Survival Basics - Preparation for safe adventures and essential equipment.
Shelter - Learning how to find and/or build an emergency shelter.
Fire & Water - How to build a fire with various tools, and how to find & purify water.
Survival Tools- How to build the right survival kit for the car & for hiking.

Primitive Skills Courses

The Ancient Tool Kit – clothing, shelter, containers, cordage, knives, axes, weapons, traps and snares.
Wild Food Discovery - selection, gathering and preparation.
Wood and Stone - Flint knapping, burned wood container, shape wood with found tools. How musical instruments and gaming equipment are built.
Natural  Fibers - sources, twisting, spinning, braiding, uses.
Ancient Weapons - overview with hands on practice.

Duration:  4-hours

Departs:  Various locations depending on the time of year.

Includes:  Instructors and some materials necessary for the course.

Not-Included:  Personal insurance and expenses, Pre- or post-trip lodging, Transportation, personal water/snacks.

Cost:  $100/person


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Backpacking is a very challenging endeavor and each route will require a certain level of fitness, capability and in some cases, experience.  Our goal is to ensure that you do not get in over your head to the extent it requires an evacuation.  Our staff is eager to work with you to put together the adventure that's best for you and your group.






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